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Using a systems-Based approach to Create a limitless you.

Take It To Your Next Level Life.
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Female Over 40? 

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What Brandy Is All About:

Enhanced Cognitive Function & Mental Performance

We help you to understand how to support your brain and nervous system to function optimally. You will be able to take your mental performance to the next level and remain in control of your neurologic health.

Enhanced Body Composition & Physical Performance

Let’s be honest how you look influences your confidence in the board room and bedroom. We help you to understand how to manipulate your gene code to get the most out of diet, exercise pattern, sleep habits, and supplementation.

Improved Health Biomarkers & Longevity

Growing older is inevitable but the way we grow older is totally modifiable. We give you a direct path for promoting a life that you will be excited to live. We will also share with you some of the latest technologies to assist you on your journey to your next level life.

Genetics & Epigenetics 

Using systems-based approach and leveraging genetics and epigenetics as a backbone in your assessment, we can help you understand how to approach life to achieve your limitless potential. Genetic (DNA) data is like the hard drive of your computer and epigenetics is like the software that influences how the hardware operates. Epigenetic inputs include diet, exercise, stress, hormones, sleep, supplements, and environmental influences. You can optimize your genetics by positive epigenetic manipulation. First you must know your personal code to determine the best approach to lifestyle changes.  Having someone that understands this code, your goals, and the latest cutting edge science to help you on your journey is essential!

Why Is This Important?

So you have worked hard developing your career, your business and you feel pretty good about what you have accomplished. But what has been the expense – your body, your mind, and your health? Have you looked in the mirror lately and wondered who that was staring back at you? Are you noticing some signs of aging – loss of muscle tone, increased belly fat, skin losing its luster, appearance of wrinkles, and decreased strength? Have you noticed that you’re not as sharp as you once were and feel you are losing your mental edge? Are you fearful if you do not get control that you may be headed for illness? You know you need to do something but you have no idea where to start and what to believe – there is so much information out there! Or have you caught yourself thinking that this is a normal part of aging and think you have no options?

Aging as you know it -is optional!

We are living in a time of technology and advancement in understanding of the physiology of aging that allows us to precisely optimize our performance and potential. You can take your physical and mental abilities to new levels when you pair your unique blueprint and current biomarkers with individualized counseling to understand actionable steps you can implement to become limitless.

About Me

My name is Brandy Preston. I have been in the healthcare field since I was 20 years old. I am a family nurse practitioner who quickly became discouraged with conventional medicine when I learned that the therapies that were standards of care were not making my patients healthier or their lives better. I went into healthcare to help people instead I felt like I was doing them a disservice by prescribing expensive chemicals that were basically a bandage for a deeper wound. The limited time allowed with each patient left me feeling overwhelmed when trying to tell them how to live a healthier lifestyle. I started seeking a better way – a way that was not disease focused but focused on empowerment of the individual to optimize their health and life.

  • Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
  • Certified Apeiron Epigentic/Genomic Coach
  • Certified Henselmans Personal Trainer
  • Certification with Kresser Institute of Functional Medicine
  • Certification with Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine
  • True Cellular Detox Mentorship with Dr.Dan Pompa
  • Certified ReCode Practitioner with Dr. Dale Bredensen
  • Currently pursing Doctorate Degree in Nutrition

How Does It Work?


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We Love Happy Clients!

I found myself 80 lbs overweight, tired, achy, and extremely worried about my health but I didn’t know what to do. I luckily stumbled into Brandy’s coaching programs and quickly got a hold of life. She taught me how to think about my nutrition and fitness based on science and also my personal genetics. She considered the health risks that I was experiencing and guided me into my own power to control these things. I am now down 83 lbs, my health risks markers have corrected, my mental sharpness and love for my business have soared, and I feel better than I have felt in my entire adult life. My physical performance has reached levels I never thought possible especially at the age of 58. I am so grateful for the coaching I have received the fact that I have the power to control my health.

- G. Davis

I cannot believe how much better I feel! I never realized how much my lifestyle behaviors affected my genetic expression. Since doing your program my performance as a leader in my business has been greatly optimized. We have had tremendous growth in the last couple of months and I believe my improved mental and physical performance has been the catalyst. Not to mention my confidence in my business deals has been reflected by my confidence in my appearance. I have lost over 50 lbs, my blood pressure has normalized, my joints no longer hurt, my energy is crazy good, I am mentally sharp, and I not longer worry about my health and leaving my family behind. Thank you again for your support and wonderful program.

- B. Collard

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